The Sweet Greek Atlanta

The Sweet Greek Atlanta is a long time Atlanta resident who loves to make delicious treats for you, your friends, and your family. Our treats are next level - they go to ELEVEN!

The Sweet Greek Atlanta takes pride in handcrafting small batch sweets that are delectable and pretty as a picture. We would love to help you with your next celebration - you deserve a treat from The Sweet Greek Atlanta!

Our items are dipped in a combination of milk and dark chocolate creating a rich and complex flavor that can be customized for any occassion. Holidays, birthday favors, anniversaries, baby showers and even gift baskets! We can also accommodate larger quantities.

How it works

Choose your packaging, choose your product, choose your size and add some details. That's it!

ONE: Choose your packaging

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Sampler Bag

Each product is individually wrapped and then placed inside a gift bag with a product label and ribbon.

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Sampler Pail

Our custom gift bags are placed inside a lovely little metal pail (color options are available). 

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Gift Box

Our Sweet Greek Gold Gift Box is perfect for showers and for those special occasions that require a sophisticated touch. A clear lid and color themed ribbon complete the set.

TWO: Choose your product

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Hand Dipped Cookies
Hand Dipped Cookies

Drizzled in themed chocolate colors with sprinkles. Oreos, Mint, Peanut Butter options.

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Hand Dipped Pretzels
Hand Dipped Pretzels

Drizzles or specialty options. Drizzled Pretzel Rods, M&M Pretzel Rods, Drizzled Old Tyme Pretzels or Specialty Old Tyme Pretzels: Chocolate Chip or Toffee chips

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Hand Dipped Pops
Hand Dipped Pops

Dipped and drizzled Rice Krispy Pops or Jumbo Marshmallows.

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Small Batch Chocolates
Small Batch Chocolates

We've just announced our NEW Sea Salted Caramel Turtles. Made in small batches by hand.

THREE: Choose your size

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Small Gift Bags

Typically consists of 2-4 hand dipped cookies and a pretzel pretzel or pop. This is also the size for our seasonal peanut brittle or chocolate barks.

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Medium Gift Bags

Typically consists of 4 cookies, 2 pretzels and a pop.

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Large Bags

This size is usually reserved for our decorative containers or pails. These bags usually contain custom products or even include some small batch chocolates.

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Small Batch Chocolates

The Sweet Greek Gold Gift box holds 6 hand dipped cookies or 6 small batch chocolates. The lid is clear so the product is visible and this handsome box is adorned with a custom label and event colored ribbon.

FINALLY: Add some details

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Event Themed Ribbon
Event Colored Ribbon

Let us know what type event you are creating your custom gift bags for and we can suggest the perfect color to compliment the themed drizzles or sprinkles you've chosen. 

The Sweet Greek Atlanta - Sampler Pail
Custom Gift Tags

From corporate logos to bridal showers...our in-house art department can produce a custom label just for your event. 

Tell us what you are looking for!

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